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  • What is the cost to become a member of Monster Prodigy?

    • It is free to create a profile on Monster Prodigy as a student or a teacher. You can also participate in the Forum and read the Blog for free. ​

    • Teachers are easy to find and follow by their participation within the forums. Teachers are identified by their badges. Only teachers who have passed an interview will have a badge. 

  • How do I book a lesson? 

    • Under the Members tab,  ​click Plans & Pricing. After you have purchased a lesson plan click Book An Online Lesson. Lastly, click on your desired subject and then choose a teacher.

  • What if I would like to pay my teacher directly? 

    • Monster Prodigy handles all the billing and payments ​between students and teachers. This will help keep your relationship strictly educational and fun. If you have a billing question please contact Monster Prodigy directly. 

  • How Do I sync my calendar? 

    • If you have purchased a lesson, you can choose to sync your google calendar. You must first have a Gmail account. During the booking process, there is an option to sync your calendar.

  • How do I join a lesson?

    • After you have purchased a lesson plan you can then choose a teacher under Book An Online Lesson. You will find all your booked lessons under My Bookings. There you will see a large Join Lesson Now button. Click this button to join your lesson.

  • Will everyone see my profile? 

    • You can make your profile private or public. All profiles are automatically private for your safety. You can change your profile to public by clicking MY AccountOnly public profiles can post to the forum or follow other members.

    • For your safety, we ask that you do not include your last name or links to personal websites.

  • How are your teachers hired? 

    • All Monster Prodigy teachers have an interview directly with Monster Prodigy. They also must pass a background check. You can see this with the badges next to their name. Only Monster Prodigy teachers will have a badge. 

    • It is important to note that our Instructors are hired as independent conskjnfaoeihncontractors 

  • How do I become a teacher on Monster Prodigy?

    • All Monster Prodigy teachers are independent contractors. To become a teacher click Teacher With Us and follow steps 1-3.

  • What does it cost to be a listed teacher? 

    • It is free to create a profile on Monster Prodigy. You can do this at any time. It is also free to have your service listed under the Book An Online Lesson tab, but only teachers who have followed the steps 1-4 under the Teacher With Us tab will be listed.

  • What will Monster Prodigy do for me? 

    • Monster Prodigy will handle your advertising and your billing​. We also provide the platform for video chat and communication between other members. You must have your own curriculum. 

  • How will I know if someone has booked a lesson with me?

    • All teachers must have a synced calendar. When you become an approved Monster Prodigy teacher an email will be sent to sync your calendar. ​

      • Keep both bookings & your primary Google calendar up to date.

      • No double bookings! Google Calendar will block off time in your Wix Bookings calendar.

      • Your personal events will remain private & appear as “Busy”.

  • What is the check by my name?

    • Once you have passed the interviewing process and ​a background-check your profile will gain a badge to represent this. Only certified Monster Prodigy teachers will have badges. Students will not have any badges. This will help students to recognize you as a teacher on any forums or blog responses. 

    • Because you have a badge and are a recognized Monster Prodigy teacher you are not required to include your last name. We also ask that you not include links to personal websites.

  • How can I help boost my chances for bookings?

    • Share your URL on all your social accounts. You can find your personal URL under My Account. To make your unique URL see the work construction here.

    • A good headshot does wonders. If possible, have this done professionally.

    • Post to your profile and participate in the forums.

    • Ask to become a guest blogger. 

  • How and when will I get paid?

    • Monster Prodigy currently pays teachers every Friday using Stripe.​

  • Taxes? 

    • As an Independent Contractor, you are required to turn in your W9 ​and process your taxes. If you make more than $600 with us we will ask for a W9 and send you a 1099 during tax season. 


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