The Teacher's Guide To Booking Online Students With Monster Prodigy

There are many benefits to teaching online; there is no question about that. You can teach from your home, while on vacation, or between family gatherings. Teaching online definitely helps with busy lifestyles. You don't need a classroom or a studio to meet students. You don't have studio costs, and you can meet students more timely. You can also gain students from around the world very much widening your range. This equals more students. The real question to teaching online is how do you find students in this vast online world? Here are some steps to help you book more students.

The first step to booking students is your photo. I am sure you heard the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". When choosing your profile picture consider this will be the first thing a potential student looks at. Your photo should be happy and friendly. Think about your photo as a greeting. Would you meet your students without a smile in the morning? Not likely. Your photo should be clear, recent, and great lighting. It is helpful to also have a prop in your photo. You can use your instrument if you teach music, paintings as an art teacher, a book for reading. Bright colors also catch the eye. Consider having your photo taken professionally. Here are a few of Monster Prodigy's favorite profile photos.

Teachers from left to right- Elena Lyalina (piano), Michelle T. (violin), Ed Littman (guitar), Federico Favali (piano), Orietha G. (Spanish), Stephen Murphy (guitar)

The second step is an engaging description. You want to stand out, but be honest. You will gain the students that are right for you. Try asking yourself, "What can a student gain from me? What do I have to offer?"

If you are great with young children, then make that very clear. You can do this by making your description friendly. You could talk about how young children learn and how you can cater to that audience. If you are teaching a higher level of academic than maybe you want to make your degrees clear. Show your teaching background and your passion for the subject. Let the student know what they can expect from you as an educator. Monster Prodigy is always happy to review your listing description for you. If you need help please ask us.

The third step to booking more students is to share your completed listing. Now that you have a great photo and description for your listing you may want to think about being proactive about gaining students. Monster Prodigy is here to help on all social platforms. We share your listings on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube & Twitter

You may also request to be tagged in our posts, but don't forget to like and follow us. We are your business partners after all. You can also share our posts with your social circle.

TEACHERS HIRE TEACHERS. Teachers also know teachers. It is helpful to share listings that you may not directly be in, however, it may still lead to you becoming booked. Also, our teachers who share the most are moved up on our page, first in line.

Think about time zones. What time zone are you in? What time zone might your student come from? What time is it for them and are they available for a lesson?

Many educators like; music, art, and dance instructors are limited by the hours they can teach. They either work weekends are must work after school hours. This is a small window of daylight, particularly in the winter months. Most guardians want to get their child home before dark or maybe dinner. This is when teaching online becomes the perfect solution with Monster Prodigy. You can fill some of your morning or afternoon hours with homeschool students or students outside of your timezone. If you choose to work later in the evening that can be possible by extending to online lessons. It sure beats driving in the rain or getting out in the cold.

In your description, you may want to consider including these types of students. If you speak more than one language, a student native to that language might feel comfortable booking with you. If you are familiar with the homeschool community it might be a good idea to mention that.

Lastly, you may want to become more involved. Monster Prodigy is a social site itself and anyone can make a free member's profile. You can post to the forum and comment on other posts just like any other social site. Don't forget to invite others to your post or to make a FREE profile. This will help get the conversation going. We are all looking to be life long learners on Monster Prodigy. We are in this together so share your thoughts to the forum. Interaction is very important! As an approved teacher on the site, you will have a badge by your name. Students will see your interaction and the badge you have earned on Monster Prodigy. They may even click on your name to view your profile. So do not forget to add to your member's profile often.

We also welcome guest bloggers. Do you have new research? Please ask to become a guest blogger on the site.

Don't forget! Only teachers who have passed the interview process and responded to their acceptance email will be listed under Book An Online Lesson.

You must submit your listing photo and description in response to your acceptance email in order to book a lesson on Monster Prodigy. If you have not submitted your photo and description by email a listing will NOT be created and you will NOT book any lessons. For more information about becoming an educator on Monster Prodigy please click here

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